Gambar EX3 3D Stress Analysis for Underground Excavations

EX3 3D Stress Analysis for Underground Excavations

“Boundary Element Method & Stress Analysis”
Perform faster analysis of underground excavations using Boundary Element Method, which only requires meshing of the surface, resulting in simpler and more efficient discretization. Perfect for modelling infinite and simi-infinite elastic domains.

“Full Scale Mine Analysis”
Define and model large-scale mines with ease using advanced features in EX3. Import geometry, design excavations and backfill in different stages and visualize your results on the surface of the mine and pre-defined field points.

“3D Geometry”
Import a variety of 3D geometries including *.obj, *.stl, *.dxf, *.dwg, file types then analyze your models to find discrepancies and repair the geometry in minutes.

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EX3 across Applications

-Model any type of excavation and incorporate staged excavations with ease.

-Efficient modelling of underground mines. Use pre-defined and user-defined results to investigate all aspects of your design.

-Model underground tunnels to find stress intensity at the intersection of multi-crossing tunnels and more.

EX3 seamlessly integrates with

-Seamlessly import your RS3 models into EX3 or vice versa. This interoperability allows you to convert your geometry, assign materials, field stress and regions of interest into a model that is ready to compute after loading.

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General contour planes on field point boxes
Better visualize stress and displacement distribution by defining the counter plane in a desired orientation in the field point box.

Field Points Defined on any Surface
Pick any surface in your model and visualize the results of that specific area.

Property Overlay Tables
Use the property table to get a summary of all material and joint properties in the model and display them in their report.

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