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Boost the quality of your data in-motion and at-rest with enhanced monitoring, visualization, remediation, and reconciliation

Beyond Data Quality

Data quality should be a part of your company’s DNA. Expand beyond basic data quality checks to obtain a detailed view of your data throughout its journey across your organization, wherever the data resides.

Ongoing quality monitoring and point-to-point reconciliation is fundamental to building data trust and delivering consistent insights. Data360 DQ+ automates data quality checks across the entire data supply chain from the time information enters your organization to monitor data in motion. Validating counts & amounts across multiple and disparate sources, tracking timeliness to meet internal or external SLAs, and checks to ensure totals are within determined limits are examples of operational data quality.

Adapting for Your Business

As the data landscape evolves, data management is an organizational endeavor that is always changing. The one constant that will always remain the same is the undisputed need for accurate, consistent, and reliable data. Business-driven reconciliations in accordance with how your business operates require more complex data quality rules. Data360 DQ+ includes the flexibility to handle ever-increasing uncommon third-party data, text, numeric or financial data, and streaming data sources. In addition to simply reconciling, to achieve true business-value, case management with workflow tasks that can route and assign issues to key stakeholders for remediation is critical. And all with a complete audit trail.

Data Value and Insights

Use your data to generate the most value. Measure the impact of data by aligning it with business goals and outcomes with built-in visualizations.

Dashboards & Reporting enables you to gain personalized insights about your raw or curated data with configurable built-in dashboards that visually connect data to outcomes. Data360 DQ+ generates custom data quality scores with Configurable Data Scoring aligned directly with your business goals to measure how data can be used to predict business results. And gain deeper clarity into data of any size, from individual files to data lakes and streams at scale for greater Business Data Insights.

Drive collaboration and shared understanding

There is only one formula for success. Data360 DQ+ enables all data consumers to know if they can trust the data before drawing insights. Teams that can easily measure, communicate, and collaborate on data across all business levels within the organization to ensure that clear and consistent results are shared. Anything less is a recipe for disaster. Key features that promote cooperation across teams include:

1.Shared Rule Library
Significantly lower development time and redundancies by sharing and reusing data quality rules
2.User Collaboration
Seamlessly collaborate on data quality metrics and visualizations with the ability to annotate on dashboards and capture point-in-time feedback
3.Semantic Identification
Understand and share the context of your data by automatically tagging a data semantic type
4.Audit Transparency
Access historical audit information to decrease review cycle time of compliance and policy audits
5.Integrated data governance
Click here to see a demo of Precisely data quality and data governance in action

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