Trillium Geolocation

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your business applications with real-time global postal address validation and geocoding integration

Comprehensive global address coverage

Acquiring a global customer base takes a lot of effort, and you want to provide the best experience to keep them satisfied. From online forms, to customer service, to timely delivery – you need to meet their expectations, no matter their country. However, managing worldwide address standards and geocode information is a challenge.

Trillium Geolocation simplifies the process, so you can focus on your business.

It provides the appropriate formats, character sets, rules, and postal standards for more than 240 different countries and territories. There’s also Unicode support for a broad range of languages. And it provides the intelligence to identify and apply the data to standard address formats.

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Address search for accuracy and efficiency

Accurate data is critical to your business. It helps you to avoid costly billing and shipping errors, wasted mailings, misdirected customer communication, and more. Data entry errors are unavoidable, but the goal is to minimize them wherever you can.

Trillium Geolocation offers an address search feature that not only dramatically reduces errors but also boosts productivity. It identifies prospective addresses as a postal address is typed in, reducing data entry keystrokes by up to 80%. Rapid-key technology ensures data is entered, standardized, validated, and formatted correctly.

Advanced search features let you define individual address components, such as house number, street, city, and postal code, so you can accurately pinpoint the correct range of addresses for any data point supplied.

Address search delivers great results in high-volume, high-productivity environments, such as call centers or ecommerce sites, where it reduces the time required to complete transactions while ensuring the right information is entered.

Integrate your business applications

Trillium Geolocation reduces the uncertainty in data collection by automating much of the key field population, reducing the load on customers, and ensuring that data delivered to downstream operations is accurate, complete and consistent.

Trillium Geolocation provides accurate postal addresses, together with geocoding, that can be easily integrated into your business applications and user interfaces through a variety of standard interfaces including SOAP, C, C++, REST, .NET or Java APIs.

Easy integration with your application architecture means that you can parse and enrich address data, as well as append latitude and longitude geodata coordinates, directly within business applications.

It can be integrated into any system via a set of industry standard APIs that allow a broad range of applications, and it’s available in the cloud or on premises.

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