Gambar Rocscience UnWedge Underground Wedge Stability Analysis

Underground Wedge Stability Analysis

Underground Wedge Stability Analysis
Analyze underground tunnel excavations with intersecting discontinuities and visualize the model in 3D. Determine the stability of tetrahedral wedges formed along the tunnel perimeter and ends, and calculate their respective support requirements to achieve the design factor of safety. Quickly create wedge models, factor in the effects of shear strength, water, field stress and supports.

Probabilistic Analysis
Obtain probability of failure for probabilistic models using limit equilibrium analysis. Model variability in joint orientation and strength, water pressure, field stress, and supports, by assigning statistical distributions to variables. Obtain wedge location-specific probabilistic plots (histogram, cumulative, and scatter) around the tunnel perimeter.

Support Designer
Achieve the design factor of safety by adding supports like pattern or spot bolts, layers of shotcrete, or uniform pressure to the boundary. The support designer provides specialized views for adding, editing, and visualizing perimeter and end supports.

UnWedge across Applications

UnWedge assess possible perimeter and end wedges formed by three intersecting joints along an excavation. If more than 3 possible joint sets exist, UnWedge is also capable of evaluating all joint combintions.

Assess the stability of underground rock mines subject to in-situ water and field stress conditions.

Optimize tunnel axis orientation with the tunnel axis plot, and tunnel orientation analyzer. Assess the critical factors of safety and required support pressures of the tunnel over a range of tunnel axis trends and plunges.

UnWedge seamlessly integrates with

-Import joint orientation data from Dips into UnWedge including mean set plane orientations and set statistics, as well as user plane and grid data plane orientations.

Explore the latest features in UnWedge

Tunnel Orientation
Analyze a range of tunnel axis trends and plunges, as well as consider all joint combinations. Determine critical minimum or maximum values (i.e., Required Support Pressure, Factor of Safety, Wedge Weight, etc.) and the tunnel trends, plunges, and joint combinations which produce these critical conditions.

Multiple Bolt Patterns
Get more flexibility with the option to add multiple bolt patterns to end wedges or add bolt patterns to both ends of the tunnel independently.

Batch Compute
Save time with the Batch Compute feature which enables you to compute several deterministic and/or probabilistic UnWedge model files (.weg, .weg5) at once and quickly generate results to text or Excel format.

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