Settle3 Soil Settlement and Consolidation Analysis

Gambar Settle3 Soil Settlement and Consolidation Analysis

Settlement Analysis
-Perform soil settlement analysis of embankments, foundations, and surface loads. Analyze immediate settlement, primary consolidation and secondary settlement and view your results in 3D.

CPT Analysis
-Used as a fully-functional standalone CPT interpretation software or in conjunction with Settle3’s liquefaction analysis module, collect up to 5 independent readings in a single sounding.

-Liquefaction analysis can be done in addition to settlement analysis or on its own. Liquefaction results can be calculated based on Standard Penetration Test (SPT), Cone Penetration Test (CPT), or Shear Wave Velocity (VST) data.

Settle3 across Applications

Full flexibility to model your embankments adding cross sections, multiple layers and user-defined staging sequences. Define the shape freely in 2D and extruded in 3D with user-defined end angles.

Settle3 seamlessly integrates with

-Import borehole data from RSLog directly into Settle3 which can be used to quickly define your soil layers and material properties, without manually inputting data. You can also import field test data (e.g. SPT blow counts) directly from RSLog into your Settle 3 project.

Explore the latest features in Settle3

“2D Section Creator”
Create soil profiles along 2D sections of a model by drawing a cross-section with boreholes. This section can be extruded in 3D with a user-defined location in the plan view.

“Stone Column Permeability”
Get even more functionality for ground improvement measures with the ability to define drainage properties of stone columns like stiffness, depth, spacing and diameter, even in multi-layered soil.

Vibro-compaction is one of the latest ground improvement techniques added to Settle3 allowing you to adjust factors like mean grain size, set your target relative density and define the soil type. Follow it up with a ground improvement sensitivity analysis.

Grow with our Learning Resources

Explore our Learning Portal and User Guides, designed to help you excel with all of your geotechnical projects, whether you are a practicing engineer, an academic or a student.

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