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Spectrum Context Graph

Discover a shareable, multi-dimensional view of your customers with innovative knowledge graphs to create accurate, actionable customer-centric views

Customer 360: cultivate customer loyalty

The quality of customer data defines and shapes customer interactions, engagement, and experiences. High quality data enables a single, accurate view of the customer and can impart an understanding of their needs and behaviors. Equally important, trusted data reveals accurate and complete transaction histories – contextual information that you require to deliver the personalized experiences that your customers crave.

Break down data barriers and silos, connect hard-to-access information, and share insights across your entire business. Add context to customer profiles, uncover timely actionable insights, and create powerful experiences. With Spectrum Context Graph, you can access the fully integrated, accurate, and enriched Customer 360 views you need to drive your business forward. Spectrum Context Graph is a user interface that allows you to see what data you have now, determine how you want to analyze it, and interact with your knowledge graph directly.

With a clear and complete, integrated view of your customers across complex, varied enterprise data ecosystems you can:

-Fully leverage important CRM data as a true enterprise-wide system of record to fuel marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives
-Analyze relationships and patterns in data to discover hidden insights and see aspects of your data you have not yet seen
-Feed existing marketing automation systems to direct the optimal, seamless, omnichannel experiences that your customers expect

Put data quality processes in place to standardize, cleanse, and match incoming data, a critical part of supporting effective single customer view

Visual data modeling with knowledge graphs

To reinvent the customer experience and engagement you deliver, you need to use data in new ways and rethink how your information is stored and used. Traditional master data management (MDM) solutions need to evolve and organize information into a new model: a knowledge graph.

Spectrum Context Graph helps you harness the power of a knowledge graph to uncover hidden relationships with a solution that evolves with your data, information architectures, and strategic priorities. By integrating all your customer, transaction, and product information, it allows you to build models enriched with new, unstructured information from third parties, such as social media networks. And because knowledge graphs are agile, you don’t have to define your entire model upfront. Spectrum Context Graph helps you continuously evolve data structures as you connect data across multiple new and existing systems, sources, and platforms.

Customer Story – Superior Data Quality Enables L’Occitane to Build More Personalized Customer Relationships

Keep up with the data influx

Spectrum Context Graph delivers capabilities in line with your data and technology requirements. As data landscapes evolve and data types and volumes grow, organizations add new touchpoints. Meet data demands with a context graph that scales with your needs.

Spectrum Context Graph makes it easier to connect, link, visualize, and operationalize ever-changing enterprise data and derive value from your data swiftly. Create data models based on discovered relationships with Spectrum Context Graph. Tap into a full range of processes, interactions, hierarchies, roles, and domains to deliver better insight.

Intuitively and easily create models based on business entities and the relationships between those entities. Start from a new model or one that already exists. From your model, you can extract specific entities and relationships to use for analysis or other processes and data.

Visualize data associations and hierarchies, discover hidden or non-obvious relationships, create “what-if” scenarios, perform temporal or geospatial analyses, and define rules-driven event triggers.

Easily visualize relationships in data to understand connections among people, places, and things.

Interoperable capabilities

Spectrum Context Graph integrates with other Precisely products to:

-Cleanse, standardize and validate data
-Link information to deliver new relationship insights
-Make connections across any data source, whether inside or outside your organization
-Enhance in-house data with context including location, demographics, and more
-Standardize data governance and exception management
-Visualize relationships with maps and graph databases
-Integrate insights into existing workflows and processes

Boost value across the enterprise with greater accuracy, agility, and context—a true single view results in more profitable business outcomes.

-Identify new, targeted sales opportunities
-Make smarter, more effective decisions
-Spot risk and mitigate losses
-Provide more efficient, satisfying call-center interactions
-Automate self-service on a one-to-one basis
-Customize interactions based on the time, place, and context of each engagement

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