Spectrum Spatial Insights

Gain the intelligence needed to better plan your networks, manage your real estate portfolio, and maximize return on invested capital

Optimize market and site planning

Where does your business need to be located to be successful? Spectrum Spatial Insights helps banks, credit unions, restaurants, retailers and health care providers analyze their networks, helping their businesses grow and maximizing return on investment. You can:

-Test multiple scenarios and determine the optimal physical footprint and the impact of omni-channel sales
-Decide where to open new locations, make renovations/remodels, relocations, acquisitions and closures to optimize your store portfolio.

When resources are stretched, Spectrum Spatial Insights allows you to test strategies, taking into consideration key market and competitive drivers. Detailed forecasts and financial impact assessments can be created for every scenario, providing you with an actionable, defensible plan of action. Ultimately, this enables you to know your projected Internal Rate of Return (IRR) before you make capital decisions. Learn how an established pharmacy group uses geospatial data analytics to align site location and offerings with demand.

Gambar Software Precisely Spectrum Spatial Insights

Access powerful and intuitive user interface for interacting and analyzing real-time data and results.

Annual sales planning accuracy

Understanding market dynamics informs your business targets so you can achieve your plan. However, shifting demographics, competitors, and market trends means quantifying market potential is challenging. PERFORM.360, part of the Spectrum Spatial Insights Suite, provides the true attainable market potential and allows for the efficient allocation of annual sales goals, assessing your current performance against locations in similar environments.

Precisely recognizes time is short, so PERFORM.360’s interface is easy to use and flexible. Whether you are looking to allocate your organization’s sales targets down to your markets or provide a market up view of potential, PEFORM.360 gives a clear understanding of whether your goals are achievable.

Innovative, industry-leading datasets

Use our custom data assets within Spectrum Spatial Insights or integrate them into your current modelling processes. Examples of custom data assets include:

Demand Insight Financial provides the total number of accounts and balances (total wallet) for more than 20 financial services products. Based on millions of actual bank and credit union account records and hundreds of demographic variables. Data updates occur annually to account for demographic and banking behavioral changes.

Mobile Trace Digital Activity Data gives a uniform means to quantify pedestrian traffic globally, ranging from a city to an individual street corner. The data is broken down between visitors, residents, and workers as well as the day of week and hour of the day. Notably, purchasing power and key demographics move with these customers as they move across the market, giving maximum flexibility to analyze what is most important in determining the best next site or helping explain current unit performance.

Jual Software Precisely Spectrum Spatial Insights

Spectrum Spatial Insights showing mobile location based data, highlighting micro-level activity by day, time, and profile type.

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