Syncsort Capacity Management

Ensure high-performing IT resources are available when and where you need them to support the demands of today’s business

Comprehensive cross-platform visibility

Your IT landscape grows more complex by the day.

It spans your on-premises data center and public and private clouds. Often, applications work together across platforms to support a single business service.

That’s why Syncsort Capacity Management delivers an automated, single view of your IT resources, no matter where they live. All major platforms on-premises and cloud platforms are covered.

Syncsort Capacity Management continuously monitors server, application and network resources to provide detailed, actionable visibility into all your IT metrics.

The data collected is stored in a centralized, consolidated database, where it is available, along with your specific business metrics, so you can:

-Drill down to identify root cause of system problems
-Conduct regular system assessments
-Document patterns, assess trends and anomalies
-Monitor incidents and set alerts for timely response

Gambar Software precisely Syncsort Capacity Management

Automated analytics replaces manual processes

Replace ad-hoc queries, labor-intensive manual processes, and error-prone spreadsheets with Syncsort Capacity Management. Save time, eliminate errors, and gain flexibility and scalability to meet the needs of your business.

Syncsort Capacity Management automates the continuous collection and storage of all available systems and application performance monitoring and alerting data. This includes data from mainframe, physical, virtual, and cloud-hosted systems.

Reports can be easily tailored to your unique IT and business environment, and setting up and managing automated reporting is quick and straightforward.

Accelerate analysis of a wide array of performance data, and quickly home in on potential problem areas with re-usable, user-defined templates.

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Strategic IT infrastructure planning

Syncsort Capacity Management uses information from the past and present to predict the future.

You can determine the impacts of proposed or potential changes to your infrastructure so you can work proactively to ensure your business continues running without disruption. These changes might range from adding new applications to dramatically increasing the number of users resulting from a merger or acquisition.

With Syncsort Capacity Management, you can also plan for major infrastructure and data changes, such as migrating applications or servers to the cloud, or consolidating physical systems into virtualized environments.

You can also improve disaster recovery planning by modelling scenarios for unplanned outages of critical systems. Anticipate the practical impacts so that response procedures and workarounds can be developed in advance, not under crisis conditions.

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Hybrid cloud cost control

With so many workloads moving to the cloud – and spanning multiple public and private clouds – effectively managing your cloud capacity is essential to avoid extra spending.

You might believe you don’t need capacity management in the cloud, since you can increase capacity to meet business needs on demand. Although it’s true that cloud provides this capability, it’s not without a cost.

Syncsort Capacity Management enables you to plan and manage capacity once your workloads are in the cloud to stay within budget.

Managing capacity while migrating applications and services to the cloud can also prove challenging. This is particularly true for multi- and hybrid cloud environments. Syncsort Capacity Management works seamlessly across your on-premises and private, public and multi-cloud environments so you can meet your SLAs while keeping costs in check.

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