Gambar SWedge Surface Wedge Analysis for Slopes

SWedge Surface Wedge Analysis for Slopes

Surface Wedge Analysis
Quickly and easily define tetrahedral (or pentahedral) surface wedge models formed by the intersection of two (or three) discontinuity planes. Evaluate the geometry and stability of surface wedges in rock slopes using Limit Equilibrium Method. Model the effects of shear strength, water pressure, external and seismic forces, and supports, and visualize your models in 3D.

Sensitivity & Probabilistic Analysis
Perform probabilistic analysis to determine the probability of failure. Model variability in geometry, point of force application, joint and bedding strength, water pressure, external loads and more by assigning statistical distributions to variables. Perform sensitivity analysis using a range of values to evaluate their effects on factor of safety.

Combination Wedge Analysis
Determine the minimum factor of safety of a surface wedge by inputting any number of discrete joint plane orientations and all possible combinations of two joints forming a wedge will be analyzed.

SWedge across Applications

Assess the probability and scale of localized bench failures. Design adequate bench widths and slope face cuts using bench design tools to reduce the risk of failed material from reaching operating levels below.

“Rock Slopes”
Assess the wedge stability of slopes created by the excavation of rock cuts.

SWedge seamlessly integrates with

-Import orientation data from Dips into SWedge which can be used for Deterministic, Probabilistic or Combination Analysis.

Explore the latest features in SWedge

Ponded Water Models
Apply Ponded Water Pressure to the Slope and/or Upper Face by specifying the depth of ponded water. Plane Water can also be modeled in conjunction with Ponded Water with assumption of either pervious or impervious slope face.

Batch Compute
Save time with the Batch Compute feature which enables you to compute several deterministic, combinations, and/or probabilistic SWedge model files (.swd, .swd7) at once and quickly generate results to text or Excel format.

Automate From Excel
Automate a deterministic, combinations, or probabilistic analysis in SWedge by reading in various numerical input data from an Excel template, and quickly generating computed results to text or Excel format.

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